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Wooden Worktop Re-sanding, Refurbishment and Re-Oiling

One of our favourite surfaces to refurb is wood!

We specialise in the resanding , refubishment and reoiling of wooden worktops. We can restore pretty much any wooden worktop including oak worktops, walnut worktops, beech worktops. 

Wooden worktops look beautiful , but need a lot of tlc to maintain this beauty . Depending on the type of finish used they do need periodic maintenance . Wood is a natural product and is prone to suffering damage from water, and leaving wet items on the surface. Where water gets in wood such as oak, at best turns grey but in the worst cases will turn black. What was once beautiful and pleasing to the eye, quickly becomes an eyesore and a problem to be solved!

Sometimes well meaning owners try to protect the surface using traditional oils such as danish oil. Whilst having protective effects, such effects are time limited . Also over application can mean the oil sits on the surface, never drying and remaining sticky to the touch.

Using our experience and tools we can remove the old coatings and any damage. Next we will use our sanding equipment with dust extraction to carefully remove old layers and bring out the natural wood. Our dust extraction ensures a couple of things ; there is minimal mess in your home, and secondly the surface is left clean for the new coating.

After the sanding process, we will clean the surface of any remaining dust and re-coat with a high quality hard wax oil. The term oil is bit misleading, it is a blend of oils that assist the penetration of the wood, but dry to leave a hard and durable surface.  The product we use is low VOC (volitile organic compounds) which means there will be minimal nasty smells and compounds floating around your home.

Most restorations take between 1 and 1.5 days. The worktop will be able to be used after 48hrs in most cases.

We perform worktop re-sanding and re-oiling throughout the northwest, including manchester, lancashire, blackpool, cheshire.

For enquiries send some photos to info@dbpowellrepairs or give us a bell on 01257 696032

We specialise in performing cosmetic repairs to minor chips and scratches to such surfaces. We use the highest quality industry-specific materials to provide a lasting and virtually invisible repair. Such materials include specialist waxes, touch up paints and resins that provide a long-lasting repair to your surface.  There are certain types of damage we cannot repair but we would always advise you in advance.

If you have any damage feel free to contact us via the contact page and will get back to you as soon as possible. Not all damage is suitable for these type of repairs so its best to contact us first.

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Our surface repair experts can fix problems in worktops and counters from burns, cracks, scratches and stains.