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Repairing Wooden Door Surfaces

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Repairing Door Surfaces

Wooden doors are a popular choice for the home and workplace. Not only are they durable and functional they have an aesthetic that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

In spite of being relatively durable and long-lasting, wooden doors and surfaces in general can often be the victims of accidental or unintended damage thus diminishing their looks.

Corners, and edges of doors can often become damaged by impacts.  The great news is that with our experience and specialist products, we can easily fill any dents and replicate the wood grain pattern to make any damage virtually disappear.

Often wooden doors are covered in a hard varnish or lacquer . Not only does this coating protect the natural wooden finish, it also gives the surface a mid to high gloss finish. Unfortunately this finish can become easily become scratched.

When the lacquer is scratched unsightly white lines are left in the surface.

With our expertise and appropriate coatings we can efficiently remove any traces of the scratch.

Sometimes wooden doors outlast their fixtures and fittings. It’s a testament to wood’s longevity. Sometimes door handles , or hinges need to be changed, or perhaps some screws are moved leaving unsightly holes, the great news is, that with a bit of know how and the right tools , such damage can be made invisible.

All of our techniques firstly aim to use specific fillers to fill any damage. In this process we also replicate any texture such as grain lines and indentations. Next we carefully build up the layers of colour in the wooden grain pattern. Lastly we protect the repair with a durable lacquer that restores the original sheen level. Most types of damage become invisible using these techniques.

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Scratches, chips and other damage to wooden doors can be one of the first things you see when you look at a door. 


With our specialist repair techniques we’ll make sure you don’t have to replace the whole door.