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Repairing uPVC

uPVC is a common material used in the home and commercial sites. When new it looks clean, fresh and contemporary. It’s a modern material used for windows, doors, patio doors, fascia boards and sills. Most people are more than ` familiar with it. Whilst being relatively inexpensive on its own and durable, once the material is part of a composite unit such as a window frame it can be expensive and time-consuming to replace when unsightly damage occurs.

The most common type of damage to uPVC is scratches. Due to the high sheen level, relatively small scratches can vastly impact the visual appearance of the item. Such damage can vastly alter the appearance of your property. Depending on the type of scratch, most can be fully removed relatively easily with the correct equipment and application.

Other damage might include small dents or holes caused by impact. These types of damage can occur prior to , during or after installation. Whilst some types of damage can seemingly be small, the complete removal of said item can be costly and time consuming. With our products and techniques, we know how to invisibly repair any of this type of damage.

 A slipped screwdriver or a misused scraper are both prime candidates for inflicting small dent damage. Sometimes an overzealous tradesman can dent a frame when trying to lever something. The relative softness of the material makes such damage easy to occur. With our experience, most damage of this nature can be fully repaired and made practically invisible.

Lastly, sometimes damage can be so severe entire holes and cracks might appear. In these instances, it might look like the whole item needs replacing. Such damage can occur during break-ins, or maybe from a heavy object impacting with the material. 

All is not lost. With our expertise and specific techniques, such damage is relatively straightforward to repair. We can use special fillers to fill the damaged area, sand and re-profile the area and finally use a specially mixed paint to seamlessly restore the uPVC to its former glory.

Special attention is required at all stages to ensure that not only the shape is identical to the old item, the colour matched, but also the correct gloss/sheen level applied. This ensures that the repair is virtually invisible. Some people describe the results as being magical, or that we perform wizardry. Whilst it’s nice to claim such things, what we do is logically and carefully apply tried and tested techniques with industry-specific materials to surpass expectations.

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uPVC sills and frames can be easily damaged but with our specialist solutions for uPVC, we can make your sills and frames look as good as new.