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Repairing UPVC Surfaces

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Repairing Door Surfaces

uPVC is a common material that most people are familiar with. uPVC is economical and hard wearing. In its new original state uPVC doors offer a modern sleek look to your home.

Whilst on the whole long-lasting and durable, uPVC can be prone to certain types of damage.

Firstly uPVC comes in a range of finishes, but the most common type of finish would be white in a semi to fully gloss finish. Just like a car, this type of finish is highly susceptible to small and large scratches that take the eye away from the previous sleek  look.

The best news is that with a bit of know how and the right tools and products, this kind of damage can very easily be remedied. By fully removing the scratches and polishing to the original sheen we can fully restore the surface.

uPVC doors are also prone to impact damage from various sources. uPVC is relatively soft when it comes to sharp objects. These kind of objects can very easily leave dents or holes in the surface. Sometimes with just a little bit of effort we can use techniques to bring the material back to its original shape. If the dent is too deep we can use specific fillers to re-profile the surface. We would then use a manufacturer specific paint to perfectly match the original door colour. Lastly we would finish the job by polishing the new surface so that it matches the sheen level of the original door. Quite often customers are amazed by how the damage disappears and the door looks new again.

We can fill small to medium sized holes in uPVC doors and even seemingly significant damage, but for a better understanding of how we might be able to help you out head to our contact page and get in touch.

uPVC doors can be easily damaged but with our specialist solutions for uPVC doors, we can make your door look as good as new.