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Surface Repairs To Brick & Stone

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Repairing Wall Surfaces

Brick and stonework, not only provide the structural integrity of your building but also provide an aesthetic element to the appearance of a building. When damage occurs the eye is naturally drawn to it, vastly reducing the beauty of the building’s appearance.

Damage can occur in a number of ways.  Bricks and stone are prone to chips through accidental impacts. Sometimes a brick may have been drilled in the wrong place leaving unnecessary holes or cracks. Whilst in theory an entire brick might be replaced by a competent bricklayer, there is a time and hassle element that makes a replacement uneconomical. Secondly, a replaced brick rarely blends in whilst the mortar ages. 

With our expertise we are able to efficiently restore a chipped brick or stone, replicating the texture and colour of the original brick or stone. This can provide a more elegant and cost efficient solution to a brick replacement.

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Replacing individual bricks or stone can be uneconomical. With our surface repair techniques we can provide a simple and cost effective solution that doesn’t require disruption of the original materials.