Making Sinks Look As Good As New

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Repairing Sink Surfaces

Whilst sinks are there to perform a function, they are primarily chosen to add to the natural beauty of the bathroom, yet all too often they can be the victim of accidental damage. Heavy objects falling from cabinets are common offenders, leaving scratches, chips and worst case scenario, huge chunks cracking off.

If the damage is small then often you’ll  choose to live with it,  realising the removal of the sink,  plus replacement might be cost prohibitive. However, whilst seemingly small, this damage overtime diminishes the beauty of your treasured item,

If the damage is major you might assume complete removal might be the only option, but often a new sink might require further work to surrounding areas,  such as tiling or new plumbing.

Using specialist materials and skill we can repair most types of damage that occur to sinks. First we would assess your type damage via your initial contact.

On arrival we would clean the damaged area of any contaminants. We would carefully fill the damage using appropriate resins. We would shape and sand to profile. Next we would colour match the sink with our trade specific coatings and spray the damaged area, making sure to blend in the new paint with the surrounding area. After letting a chemical process cure and harden the paint we are then able to polish the new coating ensuring it matches the sheen level of the surrounding area. We are able to polish to a high gloss finish.  The repair will be virtually invisible to detect.

This process can be used for scratches, chips , and in some cases much larger types of damage, providing it is not load bearing.

To discuss your type of damage that needs repairing please get in touch.

We understand it’s important for sanitaryware such as sink to always look their best and with our expertise we’ll save you from having to replace the sink.