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Repairing Shower Trays

Showers and shower trays are highly valued items in the home. Not only are they necessary items in the bathroom, they possess aesthetic qualities which add to the style and comfort of the bathroom. Bathroom surfaces must look new to look clean and hygienic . Nobody likes a bathroom that looks unclean or untidy. Chips and scratches to a shower tray naturally stand out to the eye and can look bad.

Whilst the material of shower trays in their new state, have a high gloss finish, over time and with over zealous cleaning small scratches can occur in the surface. We can remove most types of scratches and perfectly restore a high gloss finish to the shower tray, making it as good as new.

The nature of bathroom environment often-mean shower trays are highly susceptible to damage from falling items.  More often than not this kind of impact will leave a dent, or a chip, which over time can fill with dirt and become a larger eyesore.

With specialist resins and trade specific coatings, we can totally remove any evidence of damage and restore the shower tray to its former glory.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us , preferably with a couple of photos. We would advise you on all aspects of the repair and provide you with a quote. Most types of these repairs could be performed within a couple of hours.

Shower trays are prone to getting damaged, both during the installation of a bathroom and during their everyday use. We use specialist materials and technical expertise to ensure shower trays end up looking as good as new.