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Repairing The Finish On Doors

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Repairing Door Surfaces

Laminate and veneered doors are a modern economical solution by providing wooden effect doors at value prices.

Laminate doors normally comprise of a softwood interior covered by a wood effect laminate exterior.

To the naked eye they look and feel just like real wood. They are ubiquitous in the residential home sector and commercial workplaces. There is something about wooden surfaces that is naturally pleasing to the eye. Of course something that is less pleasing to the eye is damage , which can occur in a number of ways.

One  common type of damage are scratches.

Scratches can occur relatively easily in laminate as it is often is protected by a thin layer of lacquer or varnish. A small scratch can often appear far worse than it is as this layer leaves large unsightly white lines when scratched.  With a little bit of expertise and specialist coatings, we can quickly and efficiently remove scratches and fully restore the laminate surface to its original condition, thus preventing the need for replacement.

Redundant screw holes are another common type of damage. Sometimes doors are drilled in the wrong place or a fitting is removed leaving unsightly holes. We are able to use appropriate colour matched fillers and paints to match the surrounding wood effect to make any eyesores disappear.

Corners and edges are another place on a laminate door where damage might occur. This is due to the relative softness of the laminate and the likelihood of impact.

In all cases of damage, whilst we might use different materials specific to the job at hand, all the methods share one thing in common. The original material is carefully replicated in texture, colour and sheen. The result is that the damage is made invisible and any possible costs of complete replacement are negated. Our methods often prove to be a highly economical and time saving solution to accidental damage to your doors.

It’s very easy for the laminated and veneered surfaces of doors to become damaged, either through use or during the construction phase but with our specialist materials and skills we’ll ensure you don’t have to completely replace the door.