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Kitchen unit surface repairs

Kitchen units are an integral part of the appearance of a home. Most people spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, taking particular pride in their appearance.

Traditionally kitchen units were made form just wood, but modern manufacturing processes mean that many units are of an MDF/laminate/melamine construction. An inner core of wood or MDF is covered and sealed by a durable water-resistant laminate. This has the advantage of being economical plus offering the consumer a wide range of finishes and designs. When new, such units are extremely durable in terms of water resistance.

However, such kitchen units are vulnerable to scratches, chips and dents. The laminate layer is relatively thin, meaning a small amount of damage often can go right through to the MDF underneath. Not only does such damage look bad, but once the laminate is compromised, water ingress can make the MDF swell thus exaggerating the original damage. Types of damage are common on the ends and corners of kitchen units. Such areas are vulnerable to impact.

Other types of damage might occur when leaks occur inside a kitchen unit again water damage might compromise the MDF laminate construction.

Our technicians are competent in the repair of many types of damage to kitchen units. By carefully filling the damage and returning to an original profile plus carefully replicating the colour of the original surface most damage will eventually become invisible. Special care is made to replicate and colours or patterns involved such as wood grains as well as any textures. Finally, any repairs are fully sealed to ensure water ingress is not a problem again.

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Kitchen units are an integral part of the appearance of a home. Our surface repair specialists will work on your kitchen units to bring them back to life and make them look as good as new.