“Sound mate!-I’m well chuffed” – How brick tinting made this customer happy with the bricks on his new garage conversion.

“Every time i pull up i see that horrible brick work!”


The owner of this garage conversion expressed the hatred he felt towards the bricks that were the wrong colour when he pulled up to his drive!

The beginning 

The process began with us mixing up various shades and constantly tweaking until we got the perfect match. This stage is done without the permanent additive, so if we failed to get a satisfactory result , we could abort and clean it off.

Thankfully this is rare ,but is assures us we are on track, and gives confidence to the customer.

The process continues

After we were confident with our custom made tints, we added the permanent solution and continued to tint the bricks. Its a slow process but very satisfying to see how it proceeds!

“Thats sound mate!” – The final result and verdict

Based on the owners comments, we think we got there in the end!

The onwer and us were very happy with the end results! We managed to successfully blend the new bricks with the old bricks! 

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