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Repairing Heads & Sills

Precast stone sills and heads really finish a building off, effectively framing the windows as a decorative feature. Like most things on the exterior of a building , not only do they provide a  necessary function they add to the visual appearance of the building. One of the problems with the modern cast concrete sills are that they are relatively soft when mishandled and prone to impact damage and scratches .  Damage can occur prior to installation, and are installed out of necessity when replacements are not to hand. This is all too common in the fast pace of new builds. Alternatively damage can occur via a number of means, dropped tools, ladder damage etc. Scaffold rash is the trade term for the damage that is revealed when scaffolding is removed, all too often scaffold tubes rub against the head or sill causing unsightly damage.

On older buildings, precast or artificial stone sills due to their porosity can encourage the growth of moss or mildew, this has the effect of darkening the stone and looking rather unsightly.

Our technicians have the experience and products to fill the stone head or sill to its correct profile and then using the correct product coat the stone that replicates the stone texture and colour making any damage virtually impossible, and thus restoring the aesthetics of the building.

Another advantage of the product we use is that it discourages mould, mildew or other green growth, and thus restoring the appearance of the stone.

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