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Repairing Damaged Floor Tiles

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Floor Tile Repairs

Floor tiles are common in living areas. From ceramic tiles to natural stone floors, all share the qualities of being hardwearing and beautiful.

Whilst being extremely hard, floor tiles can be height susceptible to chips when hard objects fall on them.

Once in situ floor tiles can be difficult to source and replace. Firstly the original tile may have been discontinued. Secondly, even if a tile is sourced, there might be hassle and expense replacing the said tile.

We can use extremely hard polymer fillers to fill any cracks or chips to the floor tile. These fillers will be colour matched by our trained eye before being left to chemically harden. Afterwards the repair will be carefully polished or honed down to the original profile and texture of the material. If any patterns are required these will be added using specialist paints. Lastly any repair will be suitably coated to add durability.

Whilst our repairs are durable, we would advise on the suitability of a repair in high traffic areas. No repair will ever be 100% as durable as the host material, but we would always be upfront about this before taking on any repair.

Replacing an individual floor tile in situ can be difficult as tiles are often produced in short runs. We’ll repair individual floor tiles to maximise the overall life of the floor.