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Brick Tinting / Mortar Tinting.

What is Brick Tinting?

Simply speaking, brick tinting is the process of recolouring bricks with a permanent stain. The process can be used to subtly or boldly shift the shade, tone or hue of the brickwork to the desired effect.

This proven process has been around for decades, if not longer, though it is not well known outside the industry . Usually because once the problem (aka wrong coloured bricks) is solved it offers a permanent solution. You can’t see the solution afterwards, only the problem before!

How does brick tinting work?

The method of brick tinting uses a brick dye, or brick stain that penetrates deep into the substrate that will permanently change the brick colour, shade or tone.  It is an application entirely different to using a paint or coating.  Brick Tinting works by soaking into the masonry and bonding at a molecular level. By using this particular product and its attributes, the integrity of the brick , nor its breathability is not compromised.

Why would you need brick tinting?

Bricks can be mismatched for a number of reasons.

Examples include;

– New Extensions / Extension matching, sometimes the correct colour brick has been hard to source. As a result your new extension sticks out like a sore thumb.

– Garage Conversions, often the bricked up door or brickwork under the new window does not match the old brickwork at all.

-Brick Repairs, New repairs can stand out a mile off. As a consequence, the whole brickwork may look tired and unsightly. For a solution , brick tinting provides a perfect remedy.

-Brick Banding, Stripes or bands of different coloured bricks can occur because of subtle variations in colour even from the same manufacturer .

-Bricked up windows and doors, new brickwork often fails to blend in with the old, therefore giving an unsightly appearance to the overall look of the building.

Is Brick Tinting Expensive?


Every job is different! 

Factors to consider

– Square meterage of the area to be tinted

– Does the mortar need tinting too? 

– Number of shades required . Sometimes each brick will need to be stained numerous times to replicate the various brick tones and hues. This can add to the time it takes to achieve a seamless match.

We consider ourselves to be exceptional brick artists! We are passionate about making your brickwork look the best!

A better question! Will it be worth it?

Our personal opinion is absolutely  yes! But of course we are biased. You should consider if you can live with the mismatched bricks. Secondly the results are forever! Thus the cost of works will reap benefits for years to come!

 Having nice brickwork to look at can only enhance the value of your property!

Can we provide samples?

Before any permanent works take place, the first step is to make a sample. This is the first stage of any brick tinting project. First we carefully mix the colours using our specialist brick dye. We apply the tint to your brickwork covering an area of 1 -2 sq meters. we do this without the fixative additive which makes the solution permanent. If you are not happy with the sample then the works do not proceed and there is no charge to you. The sample can be power washed away afterwards.

Why Use Us?

We are a small independent company who pride ourselves on customer satisfaction!

There are “larger” more “established” companies out there for sure but as owner operators of this business we really care about doing a great job!

We are professional but we are also friendly and personable ! We can answer any questions you might have, or ease any fears or concerns. We wont give you the hard sell if this is not the solution for you.

Interested in finding out more?

The first step would be to take some photos and contact us. You can use to contact page or email to

We could then informally advise you on the process and give you an estimate. In some cases a site visit might be necessary.

If you require any information then feel free to give us a call on 01257696032, email or use our contact form. Or you could whatsapp on 07493911656

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