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Repairing Bath Surfaces

Everybody enjoys the luxury, opulence and relaxation a bath provides, but all too often baths can be the victims of heavy objects and sharp objects, which leave their battle scars.

Acrylic and gel coat baths are prone to micro scratches which can diminish the natural beauty of the bath.  Corners and edges are prone to chips in the coating or enamel. Quite often these are unsightly and eye catching,

This damage can also occur during installation and is only spotted too late or an accident occurs. New build environments are a common place for damage to occur with various trades visiting site. 

Maybe you are a tenant worried that your landlord might keep a part of your deposit or if you’re a landlord you’ll be keen to attract new tenants and that nasty chipped bath takes the edge off the whole bathroom. 

Whatever your motivation, we can make the damage invisible via the skilful application of our specialist products and techniques.

After you contact us and discuss the feasibility of our services, we would schedule an a appointment and come and visit you. To prevent any damage to the surrounding areas these would be masked off and an other surfaces protected.  If the scratches are of a suitable depth and the material appropriate it might be possible to polish them out.

If the damage is deep then the damaged area would need to be filled with a resin based filler, before being carefully sanded back to an original condition. Next we would spend some time colour matching the paint to get a perfect match. Next we would a professional airbrush to carefully spay and blend in the damage. Once the paint has chemically hardened, we would polish the finish to the same sheen as the surrounding substrate ensuring the repair matches both the colour and amount of gloss level as the surrounding area thus making it invisible to the eye. The new repair will look as good as the original and be as durable as the original substrate.

To discuss your options regarding your damage, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

We understand it’s important for sanitaryware such as baths to always look their best. With our materials and skills we’ll make sure you don’t have to replace your bath.